Okija Kids Celebrate a Magical Christmas with Obijackson Foundation! (VIDEO)

Joy reigned in Okija during the Christmas! The Obijackson Foundation transformed December 24th 2023 into an unforgettable experience for over 7,000 children in the community and surrounding areas.
Imagine: Bouncing castles and playful mascots keeping smiles wide. Santa Claus bringing a touch of holiday magic! Delicious food and drinks fueling happy moments. Gift bags filled with treats, spreading Christmas cheer.

But the fun didn’t stop there! Engaging games and vibrant dances kept everyone moving, while the Anambra Cultural Troupe added a dazzling touch with their traditional performance.
This wasn’t just a party; it was a cultural celebration! The Obijackson Foundation created a space for joy, togetherness, and appreciating the region’s rich heritage.

Looking back, the ObiJackson Foundation is proud to have played a part in making the Christmas truly special for so many children. Merry memories guaranteed!

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