ObiJackson Foundation Commisions Ultra-Modern Women & Children’s Hospital  

On the 21st of November, 2015, the ObiJackson Foundation commissioned an ultra-modern Women & Children’s Hospital in Okija, to provide first-rate medical services to the community and the whole of Anambra State. 

ObiJackson Foundation, the corporate social responsibility arm of the ObiJackson Group, on the 21st of November, 2015 commissioned an ultra-modern Women and Children Hospital in Okija, to provide first-rate medical services to the community and the people of Anambra State.

The medical facility, which has been described as first-of-its kind in eastern Nigeria, was built in response to the yearnings of the people for a health care center to reduce the spate of children and women mortality in the community.

Specifically, the ObiJackson Women and Children’s Hospital is a prosocial initiative executed to provide the people of Anambra State access to affordable and high quality healthcare. The world-class healthcare facility, the ObiJackson Women and Children’s Hospital, is one of ObiJackson Foundation’s strategic contributions to the wellbeing of mankind and attainment of items four and five of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), which seek to reduce child mortality and improve maternal health respectively.

In his remarks, Dr. Ernest Obiejesi-Azudialu, Founder, ObiJackson Foundation and Group Managing Director of the ObiJackson Group said,  “The ObiJackson Women and Children’s Hospital is built to provide first-class health services to a category of people that would not have had access to quality healthcare because of their financial situation, location and awareness level”. 

He added that, “We all see the state of our community health centers and their inability to operate optimally, which has resulted in the untimely death of a number of our people. The situation is not just a loss to the family of these casualties, but is also a pain to us because some of these deaths are preventable. It is for that reason that this hospital is built and I pray that God, who giveth life, will make the facility work for the wellbeing of mankind”.

The ObiJackson Women and Children’s Hospital is a paediatrics and women health facility equipped with up-to-date medical equipment, such as life support machines, cutting-edge neonatology incubators and multi-parameter monitors. Other facilities that complement the services of the highly-trained medical and non-medical personnel at the hospital are operating theatres, play-rooms and neonatal intensive care unit.

As the signpost for modern and improved healthcare in southeastern Nigeria, ObiJackson Women and Children’s Hospital is an appointee of the National Health Insurance Scheme. It currently provides medical services for over two thousand the enrollees of the community-based Health Insurance Scheme.

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